• All Volvo Cars Financial Services (VCFS) lease accounts are eligible except single payment lease.
  • The program is offered to customers with twelve (12) or fewer months remaining on their current lease.
  • Volvo Cars Financial Services (VCFS) will waive up to six (6) remaining monthly payments and the $350 vehicle turn-in fee when customer simultaneously leases a new vehicle through VCFS.
  • For a limited time, Rusnak Volvo Cars will waive up to an additional two (2) remaining monthly payments, totaling eight (8) months. 
  • Certified by Volvo vehicles are not eligible.
  • Offer is valid through June 30th, 2021. 

Current Model Payment Waiver Eligibility
 S60, S60CC, S80, S90, V60, V60CC, XC40, XC 60, XC70, XC90, V90, V90CCUp to 8 months 

  • Care by Volvo subscription transactions are excluded from VCFS Pull Ahead Program.
  • Customers must sign the VCFS Lease Pull Ahead Acknowledgement form.
  • Customers must provide a copy of their most recent VCFS account statement at time of transaction. 
  • Customers are still responsible for excess wear and use, excess mileage, and any other obligations, eg., personal property tax, if applicable. 
  • A VCFS Lease Pull Ahead 'simultaneous' lease or finance transaction is defined as a lease termination within the Volvo360 portal and the subsequent contracting of a new VCFS Lease or Retail Installment Contract within five (5) days of each other. Any VCFS Lease Pull Ahead transactions outside of the five (5) day grace period will be subject to a chargeback. VCFS will not be responsible for any fees assessed to the customer due to a retailer transacting outside of the five (5) day grace period. 
  • Customer's account must be up to date to qualify. Any past due payments would disqualify a customer from program benefits.
  • Payments already made on a lease account cannot be reimbursed. For example, if a customer has 9 months remaining on their lease but has seven (7) remaining monthly lease payments, their maximum benefit under this program is seven (7) payments.
  • It is the retailer's responsibility to confirm with each customer all eligibility requirements are met such as VCFS account status, remaining payments, etc. Customer eligibility should be verified by obtaining and reviewing the most recent VCFS lease statement from the customer and completing the VCFS Lease Pull Ahead Acknowledgement form.
  • The Volvo 360 portal determines eligibility for the Volvo Cars Financial Services (VCFS) Lease Pull Ahead Program based solely on the SCHEDULED MATURITY DATE. Final account eligibility will be validated by Volvo Cars Financial Services (VCFS) and the maximum payment waiver is nine (9) remaining lease payments. Please note, the Volvo 360 portal provides estimated remaining payments not the actual remaining payments due. Therefore, it is important to communicate the maximum benefit of nine (9) remaining payments on a customer's current lease under the Volvo Cars Financial Services (VCFS) Lease Pull Ahead Program. When communicating the maximum benefit, it is the retailer's responsibility to confirm with each customer all eligibility requirements are met such as Volvo Cars Financial Services (VCFS) account status, remaining payments, etc. 

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