What to Do When Your Volvo Lease Ends

Many drivers choose to lease a Volvo near Los Angeles, and we see that firsthand at our Pasadena Volvo dealership. We've helped all sorts of drivers find the new Volvo SUV or car that suits their needs, and many of our customers choose to lease their luxury vehicle. Well, we want to make sure that every step of leasing a Volvo from us is easy to understand, which is why we've outlined what to do as your lease is coming to an end. There are many options, but we go over each and talk more below about how to make your Volvo lease return as simple as possible!

Timeline for Returning a Volvo Lease in Pasadena

No matter how long your Volvo lease runs, the return process is the same, and it starts about 90 days out from the end. We want to ensure that you're set up to keep enjoying a luxurious driving experience, and that means planning for the future while knowing all the options available to you. Below we cover what you should figure out in the last 90 days of your Volvo lease.


90 Days Out

This is the time to figure out your plan for the time after your current Volvo lease ends, and there are several routes you can choose. Those options are:

  • Lease or Purchase a New Volvo: One of the benefits of leasing is being able to switch to newer models once your lease is up. You can lease a different Volvo model or stick with the one you had if you enjoyed it. Of course, you can always buy a new Volvo near Duarte!
  • Purchase Your Leased Volvo: If you're enjoying your Volvo model and have gotten used to it, it's easy to purchase it and continue to drive it while being able to add modifications if you wish.
  • Extend Your Volvo Lease: In some cases, you can extend the lease on your Volvo model so that you can enjoy it for a longer period of time.
  • Return Your Volvo: If your Volvo lease is up, you can always just return it to our dealership and go through our hassle-free process!

60 Days Out

If you choose the last option above of returning your leased Volvo, we'll perform a complimentary inspection to see if there is any excess wear that may result in fees. Around this time, a member of our staff will reach out about scheduling the inspection, which you can have done at our service center, your home, or any other location that works for you! We'll tell you if any repairs are necessary to avoid fees, and you can always schedule that Volvo maintenance with us.

30 Days Out

Once there is about a month left, it's vital to schedule a turn-in appointment. This is a simple process where we take a quick look at your model. Be sure to turn in the keys, owner's manual, and the spare tire during this step, and you can always call our team to know what you need!

Volvo Lease End

After you turn in your model, we'll ask for any receipts of service performed on your Volvo and have you call Volvo financial services to report your final mileage. If we discover any wear and tear on the model during the final inspection, we'll send out invoices within one or two weeks.

Reach Out to Our Volvo Dealer Serving Los Angeles for More Details

Leasing a new Volvo near West Covina comes with many benefits, and one of them is a simple lease return experience. If you have questions about leasing a new Volvo from us, how to return to your Volvo once the lease ends, or any other item dealing with Volvo or auto financing, feel free to call or email us!

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