Volvo's Commitment to the Environment

By now, Los Angeles drivers have realized the effects that motor vehicles have on the environment. As an automobile manufacturer, Volvo wants to take charge to overcome the ongoing climate crisis. Volvo makes its cars with safety in mind, and now that extends to the safety of the air you breathe.

Volvo Recharge: Less Emissions, More Electric

It's time for a change. If companies worldwide don't change the way they do things, our climate will become unsustainable way faster than we think. To combat the impact that cars have on the environment, Volvo has launched Volvo Recharge, a line of plug-in hybrid and fully electric cars. Volvo Recharge cars are based on current Volvo models, and Volvo plans to release a Pure Electric Volvo model every year for the next few years.

Volvo's Plants Get an Overhaul

Volvo understands that climate change won't be solved by just offering Pure Electric Volvo models. That's why Volvo decided to completely overhaul their plants to ensure that they will run entirely on renewable energy by 2025. Volvo cars will also be outfitted with more sustainable materials and will feature incentives for those who drive in Pure Electric mode.

By taking these measures, Volvo hopes to reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 40% per car they manufacture and be totally climate neutral by the year 2040. If there's anything Pasadena drivers love, it's contributing to the betterment of the environment. Start with a Volvo car.

Take Part in the Green Movement

Are you a West Covina driver who's ready to go green yourself? Take a look at our new Volvo Recharge inventory to get started! We have all-new plug-in hybrid and pure electric Volvo models to cater to any type of Duarte driver. Like your current Volvo? Consider getting its Volvo Recharge counterpart!

Take part in a process that will help save the planet with a Volvo car.


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