Plug-in hybrid cars

For the ultimate gasoline-electric vehicle that channels the current of its plug-in electric battery and combines it with the combustion of a powerful fuel-efficient gasoline engine, there is no such thing as a challenge. Streamlined performance. Adaptable versatility. Low to zero emissions. Period.

Reap the benefits

Improve your day-to-day with these intelligent electrified options.

Fast Charging

Flexbility is the new standard, which is why all Volvo Plug-in hybrid cars come equipped with an easy-to-use charging cable. For your convenience, various adaptors enable Level 1 or Level 2 charging capability, so you can easily plug in your XC40 to the household outlet located in your garage.

Volvo On Call

Personalization is the key to customizing your unique driving experience, and Volvo On Call seeks to assist drivers which such matters. Before even starting the engine, Volvo On Call allows you to adjust the front seats, set the temperature inside the cabin, and toggle with the radio functions while waiting for the seats to warm up. All from your smartphone.

Warranty Coverage

Backed by an 8-year/100,000 mile warranty, all hybrid battery and system components are covered to give drivers extra peace of mind when behind the wheel of their Volvo Plug-in Hybrid.

Federal Tax Credit

Not just helping the environment, but putting money back into your pocket. That's right. Enjoy the perks and rewards of the Volvo Plug-in Hybrid and check to see if your eligible for a federal income tax credit.

Volvo plug-in hybrid model lineup

Explore popular plug-in hybrid cars and SUVs today, including the Volvo XC90, XC60, S90, S60 and V60.

XC90 Twin Engine

Up to 5-7 occupants

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XC60 Twin Engine

Up to 5 occupants

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V60 Twin Engine

Up to 5 occupants

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S90 Twin Engine

Up to 5 occupants

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S60 Twin Engine

Up to 5 occupants

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Reduced carbon emissions

Low CO2 emissions equate to a smaller carbon footprint. In hopes to reduce the impact on our environmental world, the addition of Pure electric mode and an additional electric motor seeks to aid the planet we all know and love.

Flexible versatility

Adaptability is everything - second, of course, to restoring the planet. All Volvo plug-in hybrid models feature three distinct driving modes that differ depending on where you're headed - including Pure electric mode, Hybrid mode, and Power mode.

Tailored to meet your needs

At the forefront of electric automation and gasoline combustion, our lineup of plug-in hybrid cars is poised to deliver a refreshing and powerful outlook for the roads ahead.

Additional electric powertrains by Volvo

Pure electric

Silence is golden. Emissions are low. Power through the roof.
A wholesome and fully electric powertrain. Coming soon.